Madeira Trading LLC is a merchant Super Fruit importing company developing strategic partnerships between exotic fruit growers in Brazil and the food Industry in the United States. 

Social Inclusion and being Environmentally Sustainable while Promoting Healthy and Safe Food in partnerships with our clients is our Mission. 

About Us

Erika Madeira Kliauga


Founder: Agronomist with Master's Degree in International Trade and Applied Economics, Cornell University; ten years of experience in the fruit trade from growers to retailers in Brazil (Brazilian). erika@madeiratrading.com

Harry de Gorter


President: Professor of Agricultural and Trade Policy, Cornell University (Canadian). Harry@madeiratrading.com

Rafael Ascencio


Senior Sales & Marketing Associate. International trade specialist with an International Affairs degree from the National University of Mexico and Master's Degree from Princeton.  For the last fifteen years he has been running a bridge between Latin America and Food companies in the U.S. (Mexican). rafael@madeiratrading.com

Our Team

Renata Ditt


 Sales Associate & Quality Control located in Seattle. Agronomist with PhD in Biology from University of Washington.(Brazilian) renata@madeiratrading.com

Robert Rieger


Senior Account Representative focused on helping retail and industry customers succeed with delicious and healthy super fruits. Rieger has worked in agriculture and software industries before recently joining Madeira Trading to focus on innovative fruit products.